Youth Performance Company: Producing Young Actors and Confident Citizens

by Iman Carol Fears Youth Performance Company (YPC) is an under-21 theatre company based in Minneapolis, Minn. According to its website, in its two decades


Dimensions Academy: Allowing High-Potential Children to Thrive in an Environment of their Peers

by Iman Carol Fears There are approximately three million[1] academically gifted students in the United States. Eighteen to 25 percent of these students will drop

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Defying the Odds

  By Joi Holmes Policymakers and parents are acutely focused on education and have become increasingly worried about the effectiveness of today’s schools.  Amidst these

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Taskforce proposed a curriculum model on hazing?

On Jan. 17, 2012, the National Anti-Hazing/Violence Taskforce in conjunction with the National Save the Family Now Movement, Inc., (NSFNM) the National Newspaper Publishers Association


Playworks Nonprofit Harnesses the Power of Play

by Iman Carol Fears Educational specialists and child psychologists alike have long extolled the virtues of play in healthy child development; now, one nonprofit is


An Interview with Penumbra Theatre’s Sarah Bellamy

by Iman Carol Fears The Summer Institute at Penumbra Theatre Company, one of the most prominent African-American theatre companies in the upper Midwest, is a


DuBois Institute at Princeton University Seeks New Teen Scholars

by Iman Carol Fears Amid an ongoing nationwide battle over education and numerous government-funded and private efforts to close the achievement gap, one program is


Can Boston Public Schools’ Acceleration Agenda Transform Education?

by Iman Carol Fears Boston Public Schools’ Acceleration Agenda, the brainchild of Superintendent Dr. Carol R. Johnson, begins with a call for specificity: “While we

What are the “side effects” of hazing in the K-12 environment?

Many physicians are very meticulous when prescribing the appropriate medicine for their patients and letting them know how often to take the medicine including the

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Appearance Over Self-Value?

Prior to the Christmas holiday, Nike re-released Michael Jordan’s “Air Jordan 11 Concord”shoes, which are arguably the most popular of the entire Jordan brand.   These