Spelling Bee Champion: Simola Nayak’s road to Scripps

By Joi Holmes If asked, would you know how to spell tautologous?  Would the average person even know the word’s meaning?  Well, Simola Nayak, an [&hellip

The Sociological Lense and Problem of Hazing

By Patricia Warren Hightower, Ph.D. In the United States, hazing has increasingly become a problem in high schools, fraternities and sororities, athletic teams, and other [&hellip

Is it time to grade school systems’ websites?

When shopping, we sometimes rely on “first impression” to purchase a product. Similarly, parents may rely on this same approach when enrolling their children in [&hellip

Interview responses to the new book: Education Questions to be Answered

Recently, I was interviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy regarding my new book entitled Education Questions to be answered. I am happy to share those responses [&hellip

What career path can lead to a gastroenterologist and hepatologist?

People often avoid going to the doctor especially for a colonoscopy. However, colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon) is the second leading cause of cancer [&hellip

Khan Academy: Providing a world-class education for free

by Iman Carol Fears Thousands of nonprofits are dedicated to changing education for the better. What makes the Khan Academy so distinctive? Khan Academy’s mission [&hellip

What Career path can lead to President and CEO of a Chamber of Commerce?

In the movie, “Men of Honor”, Carl Brashear played by Cuba Gooding, Jr., had no idea what he wanted to be in life. “The light [&hellip

Pay It Forward to Educate Our Students in Canton, Ohio

The National Save the Family Now Movement (NSFNM) Inc. recognized married couples for 30 or more years and community leaders at the NSFNM’s Awards Banquet [&hellip

Smoke Rise Elementary School’s Environmental Awareness Day

by Joi Holmes Gwen Keyes Fleming, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 Administrator led an exciting discussion about environmental issues with Smoke Rise Elementary School [&hellip

Is it time to bail out U.S. school districts?

The domino theory suggests that if the U.S. government bails out one organization in dire financial crisis, then it should be prepared to bail out [&hellip