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The Holmes Education Post (THEP) will provide advertisement of various businesses and organizations promotions to its readers. Prior to advertisement consideration and agreement, please read the following and complete the advertisement form.


The Holmes Education Post is a free education focused Internet newspaper that publishes weekly articles on education issues. THEP also provides solutions and resources to support public education through the publications of educational books. These books include: “Education Questions to be Answered;” “Current Issues and Answers in Education;” “Candid, Real Life Stories of Prostate Cancer;” and How to Eradicate Hazing. THEP publication date is every Monday. The deadline date for submission is the preceding Wednesday.

Target Audience

THEP represents specifically all public and private schools, colleges and universities. For instance, there are over 14,000 public school districts in the U.S., 98,706 public schools, 49 million public school students and 3.2 million public school teachers (U.S. Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics).

THEP represents all readers who can benefit from articles on educational issues and resources to strengthen public education and the economy. We currently promote components of THEP with various school districts, businesses and organizations as highlighted on the website.

As a result, The Holmes Education Post is viewed by an insurmountable number of people each week considering its affiliations with various entities.


THEP’s objective is to ensure that all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, school administrators, professors, college administrators, etc.) at schools, school districts, colleges and universities respectively receive positive weekly articles on K- 12 schools; higher education; partnerships; career paths; medical Corner (tips) and best practices.

Additionally, THEP’s objective is to ensure that stakeholders receive resources to support professional development, teaching, mentoring and instruction for the improvement of public education. This is accomplished through (1) educational articles to support students, parents, teachers, school administrators, professors and college administrators; (2) ideas and educational best practices; (3) listing of high school, undergraduate and graduate scholarships; (4) videotapes of classroom lectures that demonstrates teaching methods such as Whole Brain Instruction; (5) recordings of talk shows on various educational topics and (6) books that focus on improving education.

Partnership Benefits

THEP provides an outlet for positive news and encourages business partnership as an avenue to improve public education. For becoming a partner, the benefits are as follows: (1) promote education programs, products and services through THEP; (2) show investment in the value of public education; (3) gain value in the public education market (over 14,000 U.S. school districts, 98,706 public schools, 49 million students and 3.2 million teachers); (4) advertise logo and video on website attached to news articles; (5) advertise video, programs, scholarships and services in the resource section of the website; (6) advertise newly released book in the bookstore section of the website; (7) publish scholarly articles in the partnership section of the website; (8) promote content in the partnership section of the website; (9)coordinate events with THEP for marketing of programs, products and services; (10) improve quality of teaching, learning and instruction in public education and 11) gain a better employer with improved knowledge, skills, attitudes and expertise

Advertisement Descriptions

Carousel Banner

The Carousel Banner (580 x 360) appears at the center of THEP homepage and a submenu page (270 x 170) of the website. The Carousel Banner rotates consistently every 20 – 22 seconds. The submenu page remains constant. The Carousel Banner also includes a featured article written by THEP publisher highlighting the business or organization. Please see THEP sample articles in the carousel.

Partnership Banner

The Partnership Banner (270 x 170) appears in the partnership section and submenu page of the website. The submenu page remains constant. The Partnership Banner also includes an article written by the business or organization promoting its ventures.

Business Logo

The Business Logo (145 x 90) appears at the end of each new article on the website during the duration of the advertising agreement. This can also include a video commercial of the business or organization that are self-created, hosted by youtube or vimeo.

Bookstore Image

The Bookstore Image appears at the top of the website in the bookstore section. Along with a description, it allows a business or organization to advertise one of its newly released books complimentary with the purchase of the Carousel Banner. Please see THEP sample books in the bookstore section of the site.

Resource Post

The Resource Post appears at the top of the website in the resource section. With the purchase of the Carousel Banner, it allows a business or organization to advertise complimentary information such as links of scholarships, programs and services. It also allows video commercial of the business or organization that are self-created, hosted by youtube or vimeo.

Calendar of Publications

For each week, THEP provides an article on issues in K – 12 schools and higher education. It provides an article on career paths of professionals in different fields, medical tips on healthy living such as prevention for cancer. It also provides an article written by business partners and/or publications from professionals in various fields of education.


Advertisement Form

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For mailing, please send payment to The Holmes Education Post, LLC; P.O. Box 77024 Jacksonville, Florida 32226.

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