Bullying Intervention for Educational Institutions

Posted by Ronald | July 15, 2017  |  2 Comments

Whether it is schoolyard bullying, cyber bullying, workplace bullying or hazing, they all have the same psychological and physical effect on individuals such as stress, illness and death. Astoundingly, 160,000 students are absent from school and 1.2 drop out of school annually due to their bullies. Also, 65.6 million working Americans experienced or witnessed abusive conduct during their work day.

As an intervention to schoolyard bullying, workplace bullying, cyber bullying and hazing, The Holmes Education Post and Einestine Technology Services have created an Online Anti-Bullying and Hazing Curriculum coupled with a new 24 hour Web Based Reporting, Tracking, Training and Documentation System (TELL.24-7) to address each of these dangerous acts.

For instance, the online programs provide research-based content on bullying and hazing including definitions, examples, scenarios; the physical and psychological effects of bullying and hazing; ways to identify and prevent bullying and hazing; where to review information on the policies, procedures and laws regarding educational institution practices; strategies to stop bullying and hazing from the educational institution’s climate; approaches to evaluate anti-bullying and hazing prevention strategies and methods to report bullying and hazing incidents.

Through the Web Based Reporting, Tracking, Training and Documentation System called TELL.24-7, individuals can report bullying and hazing incidents anonymously from the home, school, work and community. They can report who is the victim and bully. They can also attach a video or picture regarding the incident. Educational institutions will be assigned an access identification number for their students or employees once they have registered on TELL.24-7. The system will maintain data on all individuals who report a bullying or hazing incident.

If you are interested in incorporating these initiatives in your educational institution to address the seriousness and dangers of bullying or hazing, we can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]





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