How can a community representative create an anti-bullying program for the youth?

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Since bullying is a complex phenomenon, interventions to address it must encompass a variety of stakeholders such as the teacher, counselor, administrator and community representative. As follows, this article outlines how a community representative can create an anti-bullying program for the youth utilizing a book on “Eradicating Cyber Bullying,” and an Online National Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum.

  • Purchase The Holmes Education Post’s book on Eradicating Cyber Bullying through Online Training, Reporting and Tracking System through; Barnes & Noble or Authorhouse
  • Read and use the book as an instructional guide and/or class discussion for the anti-bullying program for the youth
  • Purchase The Holmes Education Post/Einestine Technology Services’ Online National Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum through Einestine Technology Services
  • Review the Online National Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum for understanding
  • Have youth take the Online National Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum before any instruction on anti-bullying preventions
  • Discuss online curriculum with youth after completing the curriculum
  • Distribute books to youth and outline chapters for the youth to read individually or in a group
  • Discuss chapters in book with youth for reinforcement of learning
  • Assign additional tasks for youth such as an essay or a video contest to demonstrate understanding of anti-bullying preventions
  • Have youth retake the Online National Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum after instruction on anti-bullying preventions
  • Provide youth a certificate of completion for participating in the anti-bullying program

With this outline being intended for a community representative, it can also be used by other stakeholders at the school such as a teacher, counselor or social worker. On a larger scale, a school district can purchase the online curriculum for its entire district at a group rate. The district can establish the appropriate time for students to take the training such as during homeroom or through all of their English classes. The district can require the students to take the training before they participate in any extra-curricular activities at the school as an intervention to improve student achievement and discipline.

What is the Online Anti-Cyber Bullying Curriculum?

The online curriculum includes an easy to read 45 minute program for students comprised of eight modules and 25 test your knowledge questions. This curriculum also has a component specifically for faculty and parents.

The online curriculum provides research-based content on bullying including:

  • Definitions, examples and scenarios
  • The physical and psychological effects of bullying
  • Ways to identify and prevent bullying
  • Where to review information on the policies, procedures and laws on anti-bullying preventions
  • Strategies to stop bullying from the educational climate
  • Approaches to evaluate anti-bullying prevention strategies
  • Methods to report bullying incidents

Dr. Ronald Holmes is the author of 15 books and publisher of “The Holmes Education Post,” an education focused Internet newspaper.  Holmes is a former teacher, school administrator, test developer and district superintendent.




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