How can teachers provide content in 90 different languages?

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In many U.S. classroom settings in cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and San Antonio, students represent different ethnic backgrounds and speak different languages. When teachers use content from the Internet to support the curriculum, it should represent the ethnic backgrounds of students who speak different languages. In order to do this, the critical questions to be asked are: How can teachers provide content to support the curriculum in 90 different languages? What is Google Translate?

While English is a second language to many students who speak different native languages, Google Translate is a free online language translation service that translates text on websites. With this service, individuals can read text and web pages in 90 different languages. Some of the languages include Spanish, French, German, Latin, Irish, Arabic and Dutch. Once on a website such as The Holmes Education Post, open a link to any text or webpage and click on the translation device powered by Google Translate.

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