How should school officials address issues in schools?

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While many schools are confronted with a plethora of issues on a day-to-day basis such as inappropriate use of cell phones, lack of parental involvement and low performance on standardized test, the critical questions to be asked are: How should school officials address issues in the educational setting? What is a resource to support schools regarding educational issues?

As a practice, school officials should avoid turning a minor situation into a major situation. They should clearly distinguish in the educational setting minor occurrences from major occurrences. For example, a student in possession of a weapon, selling drugs or participating in a fight are major occurrences and should be handled appropriately by the school resource officer. On the other hand, a student chewing gum in the classroom, refusing to participate in a class assignment and being in possession of a cell phone in the classroom are minor occurrences and should be handled appropriately by the classroom teacher.

In essence, a school official such as a principal or school resource officer should not be called to the classroom to handle minor occurrences. They should only be notified to address major occurrences. In the event that a principal or school resource officer is called to address minor occurrences, they should address each occurrence in accordance with acceptable school board practices.

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