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The “Best Practices” section of The Holmes Education Post recognizes schools that are promoting best practices for other schools to follow. These practices may include civic or service learning activities, special programs, events and recognitions of stakeholders in various schools across the nation. In the following video links taken from the 2015 National Conference on Education in San Diego, Calif., you can listen to the remarkable vocalists of students at Thurgood Marshall Middle School of San Diego Unified School District in San Diego, Calif. The Chamber Bravura was directed by Katherine Girvin. The performance set the tone for the conference’s presenter Dan Heath, Senior Fellow at Duke University’s CASE Center and Best-Selling Author, Raleigh, NC.




Also, below is a photo of the 2015 American Association of School Administrators (AASA) Women in School Leadership Award Finalists. The award is given in two separate categories: the central-office administrator/principal category and the superintendent/assistant superintendent category. According to AASA, “the award is designed to recognize exceptional leadership of active, front-line female administrators who are making a difference in the lives of students every day and to pay tribute to the talent, creativity and vision of outstanding women educational administrators in the nation’s public schools.”


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