Summertime and Learning for Children

In the early years of formal schooling in America, school calendars were designed to fit the needs of each particular community (Gold, 2002). Some communities [&hellip

Improving Academic Success Through Healthy Schools

In 2001, former Surgeon General David Satcher was the first to release a groundbreaking call to action on overweight and obesity. Satcher warned the nation [&hellip

Parents’ and Families’ Involvement in Children’s Education

During the past several decades, the benefits of parents’ and families’ involvement in children’s education have been well documented. Typically the parents and families are [&hellip

Best Practices for Tutoring Students to Achieve Academic and Lifelong Success

The preparation of all students for educational and career success benefits everyone, offers greater strength for our nation, and prepares students for global competitiveness. Today [&hellip