Why Black Men Jump the Fence?

Seventy percent of Black women are unmarried and are twice as likely as White women to remain unwed. Of those who do marry, Black women [&hellip

What new mindsets are needed to harness change in higher education?

A new mantra in business is that the only thing that stays constant is change. Change is inevitable and is the new norm for our [&hellip

The Product of a Doctoral Dissertation

Just as the general public relies on the medical research of doctors to address the illnesses in society such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer, the [&hellip

Is hazing prevalent in the K-20 environments?

Hazing is prevalent in the K-20 environments despite the adoption of anti-hazing laws in 44 states. Participating in extra-curricular activities and being hazed by perpetrators [&hellip

Is it time to provide report cards for the Teacher Preparation Program?

With an ongoing problem of many teachers not being prepared to teach in today’s classroom setting and, subsequently, having a negative impact on student performance, [&hellip

THEP and ETS release timely Online National Anti-Hazing Curriculum

The Holmes Education Post and Einestine Technology Services release timely Online National Anti-Hazing Curriculum for Educational Institutions Hazing is prevalent in the university environment despite [&hellip

How can the U.S. provide more college opportunities for students?

The United Negro College Fund is known for the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Its mission is to fund scholarships for [&hellip

What are the perspectives of doctoral students from The PhD Project?

During The PhD Project’s November 2013 Conference, minority doctoral students provided perspectives about life as doctoral students in different stages of their doctoral programs. These [&hellip

Who has time to haze?

Edward Waters College (EWC) recognized National Hazing Prevention Week (September 23 – September 27) during its September chapel service. The service was hosted by Delta [&hellip

What can educational institutions do during National Hazing Prevention Week?

Hazing is an epidemic in our American culture. It crosses racial, ethnic, gender and class boundaries and occurs in every institution including schools, colleges, military, [&hellip