How can a community representative create an anti-bullying program for the youth?

Since bullying is a complex phenomenon, interventions to address it must encompass a variety of stakeholders such as the teacher, counselor, administrator and community representative. [&hellip

Is it time for more funding towards afterschool programs?

When the eight-year old Kevin McCallister was mistakenly left home in the 1990 movie, Home Alone, he wreaked havoc on the home as well as [&hellip

How can community colleges prepare students for the middle class?

The best strategy for gaining employment is having a specific skill-set that matches the needs of the economy. Considering the nation’s need for highly skilled [&hellip

Why are America’s children falling short of a quality education?

 Many children are living in poverty, but regardless of their social economic background, they are consuming some of the finest accessories such as electronic devices [&hellip

Best Practices for College Opportunities

The Holmes Education Post recognizes schools, colleges and universities and their business partners that are demonstrating best practices in education. These practices may include civic [&hellip

How can the U.S. provide more college opportunities for students?

The United Negro College Fund is known for the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Its mission is to fund scholarships for [&hellip

What does play calling in the NFL have to do with differentiated instruction?

It is expected that Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning will be remembered in history as one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League [&hellip

Why are some school districts installing security cameras in their schools?

Twenty-two percent of all traffic accidents in the U.S. are caused by drivers who run red lights and 39 percent of these accidents result in [&hellip

Is it time for more afterschool and summer learning programs?

Home Alone is the 1990 family comedy film of an eight-year old boy (Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin) who was mistakenly left behind in [&hellip

How can schools prepare students for a 21st century workforce?

Candice Glover became the 2013 American Idol winner after pursuing her dream three times. By winning this competition, Candice is set to become an accomplished [&hellip