Is it time to integrate texting in the college environment?

In today’s technology age, it is possible to call a person by telephone and never reach the person but receive an immediate response if you [&hellip


What are some of the challenges in Community Colleges?

Just like other educational institutions, community colleges are faced with a plethora challenges. At the 96th Annual Convention of the American Association of Community Colleges, [&hellip


How can higher education advance effective teaching practices?

With the demands for students to be competitive in a global economy, the critical questions to be asked are: How can higher education advance effective [&hellip


How does the Higher Education Community address the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

While the “Black Lives Matter” movement provides another issue plaguing American society, the critical question to be asked is, “How does the Higher Education Community [&hellip


Mentoring Initiative Helps Low-Income Students Stay in College

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Indiana Commission for Higher Education shared recently the first-year results of a college mentoring program developed with the support of USA [&hellip


The Product of a Doctoral Dissertation

Just as the general public relies on the medical research of doctors to address the illnesses in society such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer, the [&hellip


How can minority doctoral scholars earn a Ph.D.?

Ethnic diversity is essential for college faculty members who can serve as role models for students of similar backgrounds. With a shortage of racial/ethnic minority [&hellip


What is the human capitalization rate?

At the 95th American Association of Community Colleges Convention in San Antonio, Texas, presenter Malcolm Gladwell inspired the attendees with his viewpoints of why community [&hellip


How should campus leaders address a sexual assault issue with the media?

At the 2015 American Council on Education’s 97th Annual Meeting, a panel of leaders discussed the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. The panelists [&hellip

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Is hazing prevalent in the K-20 environments?

Hazing is prevalent in the K-20 environments despite the adoption of anti-hazing laws in 44 states. Participating in extra-curricular activities and being hazed by perpetrators [&hellip