What is the newly released book, Jacob’s Dream?

As the spring season ends, most of us begin to think about our summer itinerary. These thoughts might involve attending a family reunion, going on [&hellip


How should superintendents use social media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the major social network in use by the average Internet user. As a result, today’s schools are being [&hellip

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What are the sounds of the singing superintendents?

The television program, American Idol, is gearing to select its 2015 American Idol, top singer. While the voices of the Idol contestants come in a [&hellip


What can teachers do to embrace cultural diversity?

 Many culturally diverse U.S. citizens have faced adverse circumstances to obtain a quality education. It is those special teachers who have embraced cultural diversity that [&hellip


Do teens get enough sleep at home?

Considering the myriad of reasons students perform poorly in school and on standardized tests, the critical questions to be asked are: Do teens get enough [&hellip


How are school sports activities impacted by court cases and legislation?

Student participation in extra-curricular activities such as football and soccer are good ways for schools to promote academic performance, school spirit, pride and discipline. With [&hellip


How do female superintendents handle political challenges on the job?

Superintendents are confronted with challenges to effectively manage their schools districts. Some of these challenges include the operating budget, academic curriculum and student performance. While [&hellip


How can being rookie smart keep you competitive?

At the 2015 Association of California School Administrators Conference in Monterey, Calif., presenter, Liz Wiseman, an author, researcher, executive advisor and national speaker, raised the [&hellip


Is it time to provide report cards for the Teacher Preparation Program?

With an ongoing problem of many teachers not being prepared to teach in today’s classroom setting and, subsequently, having a negative impact on student performance, [&hellip


Who are the 2014 Green Ribbon School honorees?

“Going green” is changing the way we live and work and can include such activities as carpooling, recycling and reusing products to be more environmentally [&hellip