What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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Written By Melissa Pickering

It’s a question we are all asked, at one point in time or another. And it seems that we are always way more certain about our future career paths the younger we are…why is that? Perhaps it goes back to Jason’s post last week around “What we Don’t Know; we Don’t Know.” As we grow and learn more, we become more aware of what we don’t know and decision paralysis sets in! But how do we inform ourselves at an earlier age of all the possible career paths out there?

Many are on a mission to expose kids earlier than later to the options they have on the horizon, including a colleague I met earlier this year at the AASA Conference in California. Ronald Holmes hosts a blog and has recently authored a book – Professional Career Paths – to expose kids to the range of career choices available. Each chapter of the book highlights real people and their experiences across nearly every field you can think of.

Ronald did highlight myself – bridging the careers as both engineer and entrepreneur – which, particularly for women, are not as common. Other more traditional and even less traditional paths are highlighted, yet the consistent string pulling the full book together is that of adults telling their stories to inspire the younger generation.

About Melissa Pickering

Melissa Pickering is founder and Chief Executive officer for iCreate to Educate, an educational technology company that uses innovative software allowing K-12 students to participate in hands-on activities for producing movies and animation to demonstrate learning.

How to Order Book

“Professional Career Paths” is now available to order through Authorhouse.com; Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble or call AuthorHouse Book Order Hotline at 1-888-280-7715.

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