Why are America’s children falling short of a quality education?

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 Many children are living in poverty, but regardless of their social economic background, they are consuming some of the finest accessories such as electronic devices and designer clothing. On the contrary, many children are attending some of the best schools in the world through public, private and charter options. Yet, the critical questions to be asked are: Why are America’s children falling short of a quality education? How can “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative play a role in addressing the needs of young men and boys of color?

Research purports there are many reasons America’s children are falling short of a quality education such as the criminal justice system, school curriculum, home environment, parental involvement, community involvement and society as a whole. To combat these societal issues, on Feb. 27, President Barrack Obama launched a new initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper.”

This initiative is designed to address the continuous barriers to inequality that impacts young men and boys of African-American and Latino descent. It is to help these individuals remain in school and prepare for a competitive workforce. It is supported by 10 foundations which have already committed $350 million. They include The Atlantic Philanthropies, The Open Society Foundations, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Bloomberg Philanthropies, The California Endowment, The Ford Foundation, The John and James L. Knight Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation and The Kapor Center for Social Impact.

According to President Obama, this funding will help focus on the critical “needs of the most underserved among us with the potential to address long-standing structural and systemic barriers to equity” in areas such as health care, employment and education. This initiative will study best practices for success. But, at the same time, Obama makes it very clear to all Americans “that no matter who you are or where you came from, or the circumstances into which you are born, if you work hard, if you take responsibility, then you can make it in this country.”  This includes children from all social and economic backgrounds.

Dr. Ronald Holmes is the author of five books, “Education Questions to be Answered,”  “Current Issues and Answers in Education,”  “How to Eradicate Hazing,” “Professional Career Paths” and “Your Answers to Education Questions.” He is publisher of “The Holmes Education Post,” an education focused Internet newspaper.  Holmes is a former teacher, school administrator and district superintendent. He can be reached at [email protected].


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